There are influencers and then there are influencers. In a world where our IG feeds are flooded with images of perfect worlds, perfect lives, perfect bodies, perfect friends, perfect wardrobes... it actually becomes pretty easy to sift out the genuine from the not so... One in-particular who we here at SOE have followed and admired for quite some time for her 'real' take on all things we want and desire in this world of fast fashion, fun but balanced social life, zen mind, body + soul is uber influencer Lisa Hamilton of See Want Shop fame, now married is going by her married name Lisa De Sanctis. 

We were so lucky to have been chosen by Lisa and Daniel to be the stationery designer for their events in the lead-up and including their stunning wedding on New Years Eve 2019.

Starting with Save the Date cards, Lisa wanted a fun theme to build excitement around the NYE theme.

Next we secretly worked with her bridal party and stylist to pull off one tres chic hen's party at Two Pounds Armadale.

And finally the big day arrived at All Saints Estate in Wahgunyah, VIC

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