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sample pack

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the colour and card stock options?

You know you want a variety of card and colours in your invitation pack, but you need some help pulling it all together? We have put together our pre-selected packages with 2, 3 or 4 card items in our most popular colour and card combinations from our 14 colour stories below.
If you still need some more help and want something just a little different that you can't see in our online offering, then you've come to the right spot as here we have all the card stocks, print colours, card shapes, envelope colours and wax seal options and we love nothing more than hearing about your wedding theme and colour vision and helping to guide you towards the right combination that's perfect for you. 
Simply choose from the options palettes below and email us with the cards you need e.g invite, rsvp, info, gift etc... along with the quantity and a short brief on your wedding theme and initial colour ideas and shapes,  and we will send you back a full quote and colour suggestions for a seriously special stationery package combo.
Email to get your colour on-point! 
If you purchase one of our famous sample packs here, you will be sent all of these option charts in your stationery tool-kit. 100% the best $15 of your wedding budget you'll spend, plus you'll get that $15 reimbursed when you purchase your invites.
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