We are go for launch! State of Elliott is here...

We are go for launch! State of Elliott is here...



Est. June 9th 2017. The day I finally get to reveal our new look, new name and new direction for 2017 and beyond. Introducing State of Elliott - wedding stationery that's innovative, intimate and essentially yours. 

It's so gratifying to know I've personally been involved in bringing over 2000 weddings to life via my alter ego 'The Print Fairy'. However, I've felt the need in the past year or so to make like Madonna and have a little re-invention.  Changing the business name slowly crept up on me and 4 months ago I decided enough was enough. Through an amazing brand mentor and business clarity review, we decided to put those fairy wings to rest for good. A new name and look that better suited my own personal style and direction for the business was born.

As we were going from strength to strength, changing things up was a daunting task to say the least... I've looked at it as simply changing the way we package ourselves to provide a better, more fulfilling and technologicaly brilliant consumer experience with our new Shopify website. What a dream it has been!

The name 'State of Elliott' came about as a way of bringing more heart, clarity and personality to the business. We know you want to trust who takes your wedding plans and turns them into a road-map for your big day. Setting the scene with wedding invitations is a big responsibility, you only get one shot at it, you need to outsource to someone who will do it professionally, with ease, speed and with a smile!

'Elliott' is my married name and a name I lovingly get called often. Just don't ever spell it with one 'l' and one 't'! ( so much prettier with double characters...)!

I've worked in colour and trend forecasting through all my professional life, so I know how to forecast what's hot in wedding trends, colours and themes for any given season which is how and why our collections are curated. We're like pinterest, insta, snappy and facey all rolled into one little wedding super site.

Just check-in with our blog while you're working out which stationery item you need next and you'll get the real low-down on trends for any up-coming season. You'll see daily musings, colour and theme inspiration, wedding supplier reviews, behind the scenes clips at Elliott HQ ( both professional and personal!) and get to know the 'state' of anything wedding related.

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting us.

The 'State' of this Elliott is super-happy   x


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Awesome pic, awesome siss, awesome site…finally all the hard work and thinking has come to life!

Becky Duffy

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