so what are all our print options?

We know you want beautiful invitations that are unique, created by a real designer with style and expertise, all with a seamless customer experience right? Well we can deliver on all that in a heartbeat, but we also want you to be well informed of all our print options before you make your decision. You see, each print type has it's own benefits, but also restrictions with what we can do with your design.

We've outlined exactly what's what with every print style we have on offer in easy to understand terminology below so have a read through and then grab yourself one of our detailed and super famous sample packs so you can see and feel our quality and finish prior to ordering. Who wants to order their wedding stationery at risk and be left with surprises they are not happy with? Our sample pack will become your new best friend in your wedding planning journey.

digital print

the everyday go-to

Digital print is the most cost effective and fast turnaround print option. Digital will give you unlimited colours printed in CMYK process on the best, high-quality laser printer in Australia. This print style is quite flexible as it does allow multiple colours in text and also allows for variable data, meaning personalisation of guest names is possible on each invite.

Black is outstanding in digital print, sharp, crisp and incredible quality. Pair it with all the luxe card stocks we have on offer and you can't beat this very quick and reliable option, not to mention budget friendly.

white ink print

for dark card stocks

Our white ink print process can only be used on medium to dark card stocks such as black, seedling and chilli as contrast is key here. If the card colour is too close to white there is not enough contrast between the text and the base, which results in illegible text.

White ink print creates an earthy finish, that sits beautifully on our luscious stocks. Like digital print, it can work with variable data so guest names are possible. We can also print white ink addresses onto our huge variety of darker coloured envelopes. This method is the only option for light text when darker cards and envelopes are being used.

letterpress print

top of the range

This is luxe at it's best and our most premium print style. You will see and feel the deep impression in your chosen colour onto the finest stocks imaginable.

Your design file is fixed and no variable data such as guest names is possible as a metal plate is cast of your design and then pressed into your chosen card stock. Choose from our 300gsm range of card or go for double-thick stock for that extra pillowy indentation.

All colour is printed to Pantone specifications so colour matching is accurate. Black is the chic go-to colour for letterpress and 1 colour print is the norm, however we can print a 2-colour job and can quote on this accordingly. We can also add digital and foil elements to a letterpress job, but be mindful that every additional feature is another print stage and additional cost.

acrylic print + 3d

Layered lettering is certainly having a moment and that is achieved by laser cut acrylic. We use acrylic only for this effect, or when acrylic is specifically requested when transparent or frosted colours are required. For all signage, our standard is a 3mm white pvc sign board which is far more cost effective, lighter and easier to work with than acrylic.

We can achieve glam mirrored looks with a range of colours like gold, silver and rose gold applied to our popular products such as drinks tags, luggage tags, coasters and wishing wells.


for our core range

All signage is printed on 3mm white rigid pvc board, unless specifically stated otherwise. If you are hiring our Peg stands we do need to print on 5mm board for best fit. On occasion, foamboard may be used if it is fit for purpose but we choose not to use foamboard as it does not travel well and can dent easily.

Our signage board is a smooth matt white surface which is a perfect base for bright, even and consistent CMYK printing in any colour. Holes can be cut at the time of printing or you can drill holes yourself in this substrate if you decide later that you wish to hang your sign.