the welcome + seating combo

Wedding Signage Packages that save more room in your budget.

What’s better than just a welcome sign or seating chart signage for a wedding? Both! We have made it easy and more cost effective to purchase your major wedding signage pieces as a sign package. Purchase a welcome and seating chart wedding signage combo for the perfect party signage for any event. Whether that’s signs for weddings, big birthday celebrations, corporate events, bridal or baby showers, we have a party signage package thats going to fit your requirements.

What size signage is right for your event?

The base level for our sign package is A1 at 594x841mm for both the welcome and seating chart. If you have over 100 people attending, then go for the A1 long 594x1000mm seating chart, or even larger at A0 841x1188mm so names are not all squished together. If your venue allows for something even more elaborate and super impressive, then keep reding below…

It’s time for that Statement Signage Piece.

At State of Elliott we are all about that cohesive look for your event signage, layered signs, interesting shape pairings that work beautifully to create that statement entrance. We can go BIG. We do seamless free-standing panels in any shape and colours you like. With our very own free-standing rear brace kit set we have developed, any sign package you purchase from us has the ability to be free-standing and that means modern, functional and show stopping unforgettable signage. We are only limited by our imagination but will always provide you options to fit within your budget.

We always encourage you to repurpose your welcome sign and move it between the ceremony and then into the reception if you have the 2 venues. We can ensure this is possible at design time so please let us know if you are wanting to move signage around.

We’ve put together signage for a wedding discounted pricing when you purchase these packages, so you can save your wedding budget for all the other important pieces we know you've been obsessing over.

Need something different? No problem, just email us for a quote. We love impact and can create something custom for you. We use 3mm white PVC board for these sign packages, but can offer acrylic items also for an additional cost... the possibilities are limitless and we are here to make your sign dreams a reality at an affordable cost all while matching your invitation choice from our popular collections.